Goodnight / Ideogram

Morebeat feat. Gabanna / N-Phonix

Record label
FKZ:LTD Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 7th 2008


A1GoodnightMorebeat feat. Gabanna

Nphonix returns with a proper driving tune after his previous very succesfull FokuzLTD release. This new one reminds us of the early BC days. Tight beats, with lushious deep strings, technoid bleeps and sounds, that rollout in a big basic B line driven roller. Very minimalistic, but one of his better tunes. On the Flipside we see the upcoming Morebeat teaming up with Gabanna. Morebeat is slowly establishing themselves with some very succesfull releases on Citrus Recordings. This one, as to be expected, is deeper and more on a musical tip while keeping it very techy. Hard beats, Rinsed out basslines, Trancy spaced out sounds along some melodic ingredients. Keep an eye our for these boyz from the Czeck republic.