Something White / Transparent

Sunchase / N-Phonix & Enei

Record label
FKZ:LTD Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 15th 2008


A1Something WhiteSunchase
B1TransparentN-Phonix & Enei

FKZ:LTD is back with a brand new sound under its wings.. After numerous softer edged releases FKZ:LTD is taking it a bit more techny then usual.. while standing tall with a healthy back catalogue with people like Mav, Noisia, Autumn, Desimal, Icicle, N-phonix, Enei and tons of others it's now time to flip the script so to speak by welcoming Sunchase.. Ukraine's up and coming versatile producer who'se been around for years now but finally is earning his stripes.. With his tune Something White he shows he's not just some producer off the block but a force to be reckoned with! This tune is one of those peaktime rumblers that will suck you in and spit you out like a sasquatch feasting on his prey.. The other side holds N-Phonix & Enei, 2 names who arent unknown to the FKZ label.. This sound is crispier then a bag of Lays and deadlier then any virus ever encountered. A great tune that flow well in any set at any time! like a tune should be!