Hyperdrive / Countdown

Sterling Moss

Record label
Flatlife Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 25th 2014


A1Hyperdrive / Countdown6:51
A2Hyperdrive / Countdownremix DDR7:07
B2Countdownremix Jack Wax7:03

The original pressing from Sterling Moss his solo release on Flatlife is a killer !! The countdown track is an uplifting and very energenic dancefloor track with on the A side the underground killer Hyperdrive !! With 2 totally different remixes from Jack Wax (melodic oldschool) & DDR (raw acid) ; this release is completed ! It comes in the black Flatlife Sleeve again and the White Vinyl with black in it, gives this vinyl the Flatlife signature again. Enjoy this one !!