We're Gonna Do A Song

Choci & Geezer

Record label
Flatlife Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 23rd 2015


A1We're Gonna Do A Song7:15
A2We're Gonna Do A Song (Jack Wax Oldschool Acid Trance Remix)remix Jack Wax6:45
B1We're Gonna Do A Song (John Rowe's Oldschool Acid Trance Remix)remix John Rowe6:32
B2We're Gonna Do A Song (Benji303 Remix)remix Benji3037:09

A very special limited release this time on Red Vinyl !! Specially pressed on Flatlife to remember the famous label Choci Chewns. This vinyl is dedicated & licensed from the Choci Chewns label & artwork is also simular as from the Choci Chewns label. With two oldschool trancy acid remixes from John Rowe & Jack Wax and a special remix by Benji303; this vinyl is maybe one of the best Flat's yet