That's What I Call Flatcore - Episode 1 [180gr solid white vinyl / label sleeve]

Jack Wax / Pzylo

Record label
Flatlife Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 28th 2019


A1MindcoreJack Wax9:16
B1Sleeping Awake (Part 1)Pzylo6:24
B2Sleeping Awake (Part 2)Pzylo5:34

The newest Flatlife release is the 1st episode of a special "flatcore" vinyl series named: "That's What I Call Flatcore". Flatcore = Hardcore Acid Oldschool 90's Feel Trance Core. On this 1st episode, Jack Wax created a track for the A-side called "Mindcore". A woman voice is in there (that takes you back in time; like Phantasia did back in the 90's). This track is loud and has screaming acids created with the "Beast - RE303" and it also has that trancy touch. On the flip of the vinyl: Fabien Pzylo from AcidCirkus will take you back to old raves with an excellent acid hard-core track splitted in 2 parts (Part 1 & 2) - it has 2 different acidpatterns; and both are rocking!! The "mandala" label is drawn by the sister of Jack Wax (labelowner Flatlife Records). A very special limited hardcore vinyl with oldschool drippin' out of your speakers!!