Reflect (Part 2)

TWR72 / Markus Suckut / Samuli Kemppi / A001

Record label
Float Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 18th 2015


A1Reflectremix Markus Suckut6:31
A2Reflectremix Samuli Kemppi6:13
B1Reflectremix A0016:20

Float Records first vinyl release is a fact. And what could be better then divide it in 2 parts. The first output reflects the second. Label owners TWR72 presents you 'Reflect'. The 1st remix comes from Berlin based Markus Suckut. A subtle angle is taken on Reflect which makes the remix feel sustainable. Just the perfect remix to include in his impeccable oeuvre. All the way from Finland is analog devotee Samuli Kemppi, who takes care of the 2nd remix. Samuli creates a sudden tension with builds up until the very end. A001, from Amsterdam, turns the original Reflect into a obscure remix with an perplexing 2nd half. A001's mysterious and quiet appearance is a paradox compare to his musical output. TWR72 closes the EP with the bonus track 'Response'. A solid and barbarous answer to Reflect. No words are further needed.