Shonky In The Hood EP

Robert Hood

Record label
Freak 'n Chic
Catalog Number
FNC 037-6
Release Date
April 6th 2009


A1Who Taught You Math
B1Who Taught You Mathremix Shonky

Originally released on Peacefrog in 2002, Who Taught You Math is brilliant example of Robert Hoods soulful minimalism and the superbly canny Freak n Chic are rereleasing this gem with a remix from the excellent Shonky. For those that dont remember the original, Who Taught You Math combines funk-fuelled melody with robotic, Motor City flair to create a twisting, evolving track with touches of Kraftwerkian quirkiness. Despite being written 8 years ago, Who Taught You Math sounds as current as ever and the re-release is a welcome reminder of Hoods deft touch and talent.