Ur in my head / Anchorage

Icicle & Switch / FX 909 & Caine

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 11th 2007


A1Ur in my headIcicle & Switch
B1AnchorageFX 909 & Caine

Icicle & Switch the next Duo to watch coming from the Netherlands. Icicle is caining it at the moment.. Releases signed all over the place, colabs, coops he's deffenitly one of those hot in demand producers at the moment.... Switch is taking it a bit more mellow, but recently been signed to Soul:R with his latest solo production. Together the've been working on a track called Ur in my head.. The sound is killah, and reminds us of those early Calibre days.. On the FLip we find FX 909.. with a rough and raw roller.. Its fierce, Filled with Energy and overloaded with atmopheric melodic almost trancey spheres... all 'n all this is a very nice and diverse fokuz release...