New Jazz Lick / Lately I

Mutt & Aperture

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 8th 2007


A1New Jazz LickMutt & Aperture
B1Lately IMutt

Fokuz presents to you another producer you just cant enough of Mutt! With his heavily hip hop influenced tunes he was bound to touch down on Fokuz sooner or later. The A side holds a collab with fellow american Aperture called New Jazz Lick.. This tune is the most funky roller you've ever heard and will get every lady on the floor in no time! The sexy saxophone & piano keys will appeal to anybody who's only a little bit hip hop orientated! The B side is called Lately I and this one is for the blues posse taking you back to those late sunday nights, when there's nobody around and you're dying to speak to that special somebody... this kind of music will get the blood flowing again, there aren't any words for it this is just straight up QUALITY LIQUID!