Do The Right Thing / Its Your jazz

Brother / Atlantic Connection

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 23rd 2008


A1Do The Right ThingBrother
B1Its Your jazzAtlantic Connection

Fokuz presents their first 12 after the huuge Chronicles of the deep series and once again its got quality written all over it! newcomer Brother is new guy to the scene yet he's creating quite a stir.. and his Do The Right Thing track is one to keep in mind cause its a beaut! This one will take you back to those loooooong summer holidays we all had when we were kids.. those endless nights, long walks on the beach, the shimmering sundown... a tune that'll make you reminisce about those good ol days! The flip holds the allmighty Atlantic Connection with his tune It's Your Jazz.. get your sunglasses out.. snip your fingers and grow a little goatee for this one cause its time to get Jazzy in here.. lovely piano cords accompanied with high quality beats.. a big one!