Vanilla Dream / Joint

Command Strange

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 19th 2010


A1Vanilla Dream

Fokuz Recordings keeps on showing their talent hunting skills. Command Strange is a new producer hailing from Kazakhstan. The land thats normally known for Borat his stupid antics is now the foundation for Command Strange's inspiration. If you think that DnB cant manifest over there then your dead wrong.. Check out Vanilla Dream for a classic cut featuring some of the best Jazzy sounds you'll ever hear. No nerdy minimalism here just chilled out DnB how it should be, full of color and fresh! Once your done pulling yourself away from the A side its time to move on to side B for Joint. The title tells you in what kinda of mood you should be. Yes roll yourself a big one and just drift away on this classy cut. Joint features yet another palette of colors that have been long forgotten. DnB doesnt have to destroy the dancefloors over and over and over its all a matter of taste another legendary label once said. Well Fokuz can say... if you're not copping this... You dont have any.... Watch for alot more coming up from Command Strange cause Fokuz isnt done yet!