Its All Over / Do me wrong

Command Strange / Kubiks

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 13th 2010


A1Its All OverCommand Strange
B1Do me wrongKubiks

Fokuz is back again with another batch of lovelyness.. Fokuz its latest addition to the force Command Strange is doing rounds atm and its obviously why when hearing "Its All Over" Heavy deep and low subs are the base of this beautiful track.. while the strings wisk you away to a time long forgotten.. rattling dnb... making your chest rattle and penetrate your body.. Definitely a must have tune when playing the early hours.. B side is Kubiks.. Not a unknown force within the dnb scene.. this is what the Kubiks sounds is.. nice full atmospherics with strings and pads that create a extra spacious vibe.. For the fans of the old kubiks sound this one is for you guys!