Pushed / Surprise

Command Strange / Heavy1 remix MC Fava

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 14th 2011


A1PushedCommand Strange5:48
B1SurpriseHeavy1 feat. MC Fava5:31

Eastern wonderboy Command Strange returns to Fokuz after his very impressive debut album 'Soul Booster'. Still being played by all the superstar dj's in the world of liquid dnb, but also by major players like Grooverider. Command Strange tracks are getting a lot of airplay at the world famous Radio 1 show of mister Grooverider and Fabio! This is the next sexy output by the wonderboy himself. Solid beats introducing a spaced out atmosphere, dream away untill you will be blown away by the massive bassline joining the plot. The heavy breaks back in bussiness and you will find yourself on the centre of the dancefloor banging your head.. hands in the air! Big TUNE!! Flip it over for the introduction of HEAVY1 to the label. Heavy1 got noticed by his wicked tracks on Rubik's Records lately. His style is as his name already suggests HEAVY! Teaming up with mc Fava he drops a bassline roller, with heavy kicks, heavy snares, heavy basss!! But never over the top, sophisted sounds from start to stop. Heavy!