Patience / Expanse

Hybrid Minds / Quadrant

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 30th 2012


A1PatienceHybrid Minds5:55

Hybrid Minds represent a new musical force, with their melodic, soulful Drum and Bass already making waves. A synergy between influences including trip-hip, acoustic, soul and RnB, Hybrid Minds, consisting of Sensa, Haste and Grimm, draw on a myriad of influences to produce the smooth sound they are known for. Quadrant is best known for the Hardware release 'Manipulated Living' on the Carpe Diem LP, a track that hasn't left many DJs' crates since. Since then, their output has been slow but steady, and they have amassed a highly respected slew of appearances on Triple Vision labels Citrus and Fokuz, showcasing their equal proclivities for dancefloor impact and melodic beauty. 2011 represented a remarkable push forward for Quadrant; the volume of their output has greatly increased, but like a fine wine, the years have only sharpened their ear for quality and detail. Several new solo tunes in the pipeline, and worldwide DJ support spanning the gamut from Goldie to State of Mind, are serving to make this an exciting time for Quadrant, their music, and their loyal fans.