Womack / Back in the moment

Mutt / Gerwin & Nuage

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 27th 2012


A1Womack Mutt4:13
B1Back in the momentGerwin & Nuage5:40

On the A side for part two of the Fokuz050 series Canadian producer Mutt delivers again with a track called 'Womack': Soulful samples, tightly chopped breaks, a funky bassline and heavy subdrops. Quality drum and bass with Mutt's signature sound all over it. On the flipside we dive into the deeper spectrum of drum and bass with a track called 'Back in the moment' by Gerwin & Nuage, a duo that has recently been making waves with their production. The deep bassline with the atmospheric vocals on top works very well on this track, making it the perfect B side to this EP.