Fifty Five

Various Artists

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 22nd 2013


01Smoke Filled DaysNateChristian
02So ConfusedChartStalker
03Back to the RootsJoakuim
04Dont Be FoolDj Clart
05Too Late For A ChangeDonnie Dubson
06Humble ToneBrother
07Time ShiftCommand Strange
08Changing FacesBcee remix Hybrid Minds
09These DaysSoligen & Type-2
10Give Me Your HeartPennyGiles & Mr Joseph
12DiscipleLm 1 & Nelver
13Be QuietPaul SG
14Calender GirlTheory & Shookz

Fokuz Recordings presents 'Fifty Five' a release that displays a wide variety of drum and bass styles by various artists around the globe! Expect the freshes beats from Fokuz residents Command Strange, DJ Clart, Incident, talented newcomers like Soligen, Type-2, Joakuim and rising stars Hybrid Minds, Paul SG, PennyGiles & Mr Joseph. Three seperate 12 inches with full colour sleeves, a CD, A2 posters, stickers and T-Shirts all designed by Dutch artist will be available separately or as a package deal. Previews and more info soon. To stay up to date please follow us at, or