Secrets of Saturn

Various Artists

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 9th 2009


1-02Down With UDJ Madd
1-03Without A DoubtWell Being
1-04HarvestDubGulfway Cartel & Lost Prophet
1-05Road Less TraveledCalculon
1-07Say It LoudBrother
1-08No ClueMutt & Generic
1-10Delta ZeroMadmen & Poets
1-11Frozen LakeVerbal
1-13Gonzales ThemeCLS & Wax
2-01Autumn LightBrother
2-03Darling HeartWell Being
2-04Close to sinMadmen & Poets vs. Paul SG
2-05Reached outMadmen & Poets
2-07I Used ToMutt
2-08Elsewhere NowDrifter
2-09Walking AloneFourward
2-10Elephants MemoryAmaning
2-12Red OctoberMadcap
2-13Save MeMadmen & Poets vs. Soulgrifter & Ill-Esha

Fokuz is on A roll.. Secrets of Saturn the long awaited Fokuz album project containing a hot selection of artists and tunes, including tracks from Noisia, Bulletproof, Wellbeing, Cls & Wax, Bcee, Naibu and many others.. The Album is a complete multi part project that got kicked off with a first vinyl album sampler around the end of may with productions by Mutt & Quadrant, soon after the kickoff it was followed by a second sampler, a digital only release. Followed by a second Vinyl sampler which will include another Mutt + a Wellbeing release along side 2 exclusive digital only tracks by Madmen, Poets & Calculon. The 4 Piece vinyl version has the usual 6 tracks on 3 discs + 1 disc containing 4 tracks. It features Naibu, CLS & Wax, Drifter, Bulletproof, Fourward & Bcee and on the 4th disc you will find Switch, Wellbeing, Madcap & Calculon.. Secrets of Saturn is a Double CD. On this cd you will find the 8 tracks from the Samplers, you will find 8 additional tracks produced by a whole selection of new comers to the Fokuz camp. i.e. tracks from Amaning, Brother, Madmen & Poets, Verbal & Forward, along side the 10 tracks from the LP. All together a 26 tracks counting double CD with lots of great music covering all the different angles atmospheric drum & bass has to offer.