Secrets of Saturn: The lost rings

Quadrant / Mutt

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 11th 2009


B1I Used ToMutt6:29

Fokuz returns its journey with an interstellar project that will be one to look out for. 'Secrets of Saturn' sets off to find the lost rings of the mysterious gas planet Saturn. With its soft exterior and hard center its the perfect metaphor to describe this project. Prt 1 of the Lost Rings series holds 2 heavyweight producers that will kick off this massive release. A side: Quadrant is the first one to step up and show that they arent all about neuro sounds but they know how to create an atmospheric sound without losing its quadrant punch. Big rolling beats matched with lush strings. A combination thats as danceable as it is listenable. B side: Holds Mutt, the ever so loveable producer who blends dnb & hiphop like its nothing.. Just cool down and look at the stars with this lovely tune!