Monday Is The New Sunday

Donnie Dubson

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 23rd 2011


A1Fett Jango6:43
B1Good Habbits6:18
C1Last Night 5:28
D1So Simple6:24
F1Yellow Tops5:11
G1Monday Is The New Sunday5:20
H1You And Me5:53

In the impressive flow of new talent in 2011 on Fokuz recordings we already had the pleasure to present the sound of Brother, Command Strange and Intelligent Manners among others. The next flavour of the funky liquid melting pot called Fokuz Recordings goes by the name Donnie Dubson. Berlin based Irishman Donnie O'Sullivan aka Donnie Dubson started releasing his funky rollers on Have a Break and Influenza Media and already featured on Fokuz on the Chronicles of the Deep LP together with Stunna back in 2007. The Grapefruit / Battlecat release on Influenza Media in 2009 got him a lot of attention and is still heard in dj sets today. Now it's 2011 and Fokuz presents the beautiful debut album of Donnie Dubson! His sound can be described as refreshing and original Liquid drum'n bass with a touch of the well known atmospheric drum'n bass vibes from the mid 0's. His basslines are the unique sellingpoint as well as his ability to create an organic feel in the music that's only done by the few who truly understand what liquid drum'n bass is all about. Pleasuring both critical listeners and the dancefloor audience this album is a perfect overview of the sound FOKUZ stands for. A great example of how music can be 'time-less' in this decade of fast moving consumer goods.