Ill Sequence / Life is strange

N-Phonix / Rido & Spikey Tee

Record label
Fokuz Limited Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 21st 2007


A1Ill SequenceN-Phonix
B1Life is strangeRido & Spikey Tee

This release will bring a proper Change to the Fokuz LTD label. From now on you can expect Fokuzltd to be harder and to fokuz more on solid bassline biznizzz while still keeping that musical , atmospheric Flavour. First up is NPhonix. An up & coming producer known for doing stuff on Fullforce & DscI4. The A side is a bouncy wobbly bassline tune with Skippin beats and a deep atmospheric breakdown.. just check it out.. this tune ROCKS.. big phat neuro funk with attitude.. The flip Side is something different. Rido, Up & coming from CZ, a Wicked producer who knows how to let the drumzz roll.. This Fokuzltd is one of his smoother productions.. He blends that tough neuro midrange vibe with, warm powerfull roling beats and a full on catchy vocal hook that might sound a little odd at first, but it sticks to your brain ..