Takedem OU Tadoor

Eric Tarlouf

Record label
Frequenza Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 11th 2011


A1Takedem OU Tadoor / Original mix9:14
A2Electric Rescue rmxremix Electric rescue7:46
B1The Snores Of The Moon / Original mix7:07
B2Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young rmxremix Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young7:10

we got a serious release here today on frequenza! Eric Tarlouf from paris, with his amazing original mixes from Takedem Ou Tadoor ep, heavy support from Stephan Bodzin, Slam, Hermanez, John Seway, Max Cooper and many more! big support from Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Hermanez, John Acquaviva, Stephan Bodzin and many others!