Record label
Frole Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 24th 2016


02Soft TouchFormix
05Burn Itno FlameFormix
07So WhatFormix
08Reflex (CD Version)Formix
09Another Journey (CD Version)Formix feat. L.D.F.
10Sensual Trip (CD Version)Formix feat. Gastek
11RunFormix remix OOFT!
12EvolutionFormix remix Guydee
13Another JourneyFormix remix The Legendary 1979 Orchestra

A bit of funky, jazz, electro-pop, blues, ambient. A full of sounds album, rich in different musical influences, brought together by a common thread: deep house galore for your mind. Formix is a Neapolitan producer and he really rocks with this impressive release. "Run" into many genres, to a multi ethnic world, led by so much creativity and talent. The attractive groove in "Run", the old-fashioned electronic rhythm of "So What", by way of "Slow" and his soul shape. The deep vibe of Sensual Trip feat. Gastek. "Evolution" is the way! A groovalicious track that amazes the listener; a real sensitive club tune. The remix made by GuyDee is the right answer to the original mix, a tasty manner to recreate the same vibes. Not to mention the remix of "Another Journey" Formix feat. Lello Di Franco aka L D F made by The Legendary 1979 Orchestra or the hypnotic pads of the British artist OOFT! Music! "Run" remix. "Just because a records got a groove doesn't mean it's in the groove". "Run" album does both.