My Own Sky

Volta Cab

Record label
Frole Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 15th 2014


A1My Own SkyVolta Cab7:55
A299 SupremeVolta Cab4:15
B1My Own SkyVolta Cab remix Daniela La Luz7:42
B2Something Wrong With My LegsVolta Cab5:47

Tight rhythms and synths with that 80s taste. These are the hallmarks of 'My Own Sky' made by the Ukrainian producer Volta Cab, in a strong acid house style. Daniela La Luz, obsessed by ability of mixing different genres in her productions; a lot of determination in every piece and this remix is the confirmation. Seventh vinyl for the Frole Records label, a track full of ambient and electronic sounds, a good mix of beats and avant-garde atmospheres whereas nothing is left to chance. Sounds and percussions change shape and tone, but they are all the continuity of each other.