Extreme Current Value remix / Redeemer

Counterstrike / Katharsys / Forbidden Society

Record label
Forbidden Society Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 28th 2011


A1Extreme Current Value remixCounterstrike & Forbidden Society remix Current Value6:09
B1RedeemerKatharsys & Forbidden Society5:15

A : Counterstrike & Forbidden Society - Extreme ( Current Value RMX ) A powerful half beat tune full of metal kicks, a masterpiece in the sense of drum editing. The tune turns into a stepper, that is even more intense and makes you wanna shake your head like at a metal concert. If you wanna destroy the dancefloor, this killer remix by Current Value is the right weapon of choice! B : Forbidden Society & Katharsys - Redeemer Straight up dancefloor orientated tune, the right stuff for a hard dnb set! Styles of both producers are combined perfectly in this tune - big bass, powerful snares, distorted recesses (reeces?), another killer to make the crowd go absolutely nuts, named Redeemer!