Remixes EP


Record label
Function Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 9th 2019


A1Waterhouse DubDigital remix Kiljoy
B1Strictly DnBDigital remix Sight Unseen
B2AbductedDigital remix Digital's 'Is This A Dream'

Kiljoy grabbed Digital s dubbed out classic, Waterhouse Dub , smashed it to pieces and pounded it back together to produce this monstrous and titanic beast. This track has received enthusiastic support from Goldie, Storm, Dj Marky, Ray Keith and more Where the original Strictly DNB was hectic and dynamic, Sight Unseen s version has added soul and a new Roots Rub-a-Dub swing. Abducted - Digital s Is This A Dream Remix harks back to his strange and experimental phase of the mid 90s, a time when he was restricted to a paltry 14 seconds of sample time to make a track. He had a great time stretching his skills to be able to make the utmost use out of any little samples he could fit in the sampler, whatever they were. The revival of this ethos spawned Abducted.