The Legacy of Cain / I Saw My Grave [black & gold mixed vinyl / incl. dl card]

The Outside Agency

Record label
One Seven Five
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 17th 2018


A1The Legacy of Cain5:30
B1I Saw My Grave6:46

If the Outside Agency's new release on Genosha 175 was to be summarized with a few keywords, they would most likely be 'twisted' and 'evil'. On an ever ongoing crusade to bring high-quality tracks to a tainted genre, another word to describe this release could be 'uncompromising'. 'The Legacy of Cain' refers to the story of the first murderer, which symbolizes the first act of evil. For the Outside Agency, it is a return to their roots with a track that combines a very dark atmosphere with relentless breakbeats and kickdrums. The vicious, freakish nature of 'I Saw My Grave' is conveyed through distorted, dissonant pads and eerie sounding children's voices. There is an underlying sense of dread in this music that will remind you that evil is not just a set of jump scares, which might startle you momentarily but otherwise will not affect you. It does not just reveal itself when you quickly glance in the mirror, noticing something 'off' behind you. It is everywhere, both around us and inside us... all the time.