Summoning Sequence / Guide

Scalameriya / Ducerey Ada Nexino

Record label
Genesa Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 3rd 2012


A1Summoning SequenceScalameriya5:57
A2Summoning SequenceScalameriya remix Ancient Methods6:23
B1GuideDucerey Ada Nexino5:59
B2GuideDucerey Ada Nexino remix Exium5:31

After 3 years of releasing successfully as a digital only label, Genesa Records is starting with a special series of vinyl releases. For the first release we have original works by the label owner himself, Scalameriya, and one of Genesa's main artists, Yuji Kondo (aka Ducerey Ada Nexino) from Japan. On the remix duty, 2 well-known names: the fierce sound of Ancient Methods & floor shaking grooves from one of Spain's legendary acts, the incredible duo, Exium, are pushing this record into higher standards. Without following any trends, we have a cutting edge EP with a cinematic, industrial track 'Summoning Sequence' by Scalameriya. A clean & modern approach with epic synths & razor sharp production, provokes ceremonial scenes of obscure activities. The remix by Ancient Methods is unexpected for the regular AM sound. Evil, saw-like, evolving samples and the pumping groove packed in a recognizable way of production are digging into your ears and bursting out of your skin. A devastating rave track! On the b-side, Ducerey Ada Nexino's 'Guide' represents the neo-industrial sound. Yuji is already known for his breathtaking, broken up machinery with works on Semantica or Genesa's digital series, but for this opportunity he makes a fresh tool-techno track that is spreading it's heavy artillery trough the dance floor much like the 'Harvester' in 'Terminator 4'. Exium did a groovy, slightly atmospheric version with a surprising, big, aggressive drop in around the 4th minute. They are 'guiding' us into the deepest ocean before shooting us with warp speed to the moon. This release will be available in ltd 200 transparent clear vinyl edition. The digital release will be available a few weeks after.