Cycles, Children and Islands EP (Incl. Scalameriya Remix) [Marbled Vinyl]

Ducerey Ada Nexino

Record label
Genesa Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 17th 2014


A1School Phosphene5:38
A2Beneath The Kitchen Faucet6:11
B1Mouth Of Which6:13
B2Mouth Of Whichremix Scalameriya5:02

Genesa Records is proud to presend the debut solo EP of the Japanese techno wizard Ducerey Ada Nexino aka Yuji Kondo! Whether as Ducerey Ada Nexino, Yuji Kondo or in the collab-duo Steven Porter (with Katsunori Sawa), this producer and co-founder of the notorious 10 Label imprint, has been making floor shaking tunes for a while now and gaining a lots of attention, proven by appearances on labels like Semantica or Perc Trax. 'Cycles, Children & Islands EP' represents the culmination of his work under the 'Ducerey Ada Nexino' moniker. On board are 3 originals, a remix by the label-head Scalameriya and a digital, 'bonus' ambient / noise track. All of that, beautifully packed on a grey/black marbled vinyl.