The Easy Money Remix EP 3: The Most Easy Money

The Outside Agency

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 8th 2016


A1The Machinery Of DeathThe Outside Agency remix Deathmachine9:04
B1Hours & DreamsThe Outside Agency remix Detest5:52
B2Hidden StrengthsThe Outside Agency remix Fracture 46:02

It is the year 2016, and the Easy Money Remix series is even more back than it was last year! The Outside Agency - in their still ongoing quest to obtain the most speedboats - have sourced yet another batch of remixes from their friends for the highly anticipated follow-up to 2015's Easy Money Remix EP 2. Deathmachine, Detest and Fracture 4 are the next three artists to deliver their undoubtedly smashing renditions of their favourite tracks by the Outside Agency. The Deathmachine remix is epically epic (and 9 minutes long), the Detest remix is lightning fast and the Fracture 4 remix is depressingly slow. Again, highly recommend by speedboat salesmen everywhere!