Elementær [full colour sleeve / 180 grams]

Espen T. Hangård

Record label
Galleberg Forlag
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 7th 2019


A1Combi. Rock3:17
A3Atlas Reconfiguration2:46
A4Position Clock4:46
B1 Ego Zenith2:53
B3Fire Truck Acid4:10

Only three months after the release of the solo debut Primaer, Oslo based producer Espen T. Hangard presents his second LP Elementaer. Bristling with funky, playful and braindance influenced electro, Elementaer is a companion release to the 2018 debut. While Primaer leans towards tougher and more stringent stylings, Elementaer takes on a melodic and layered approach, with lush pads, acidic bass lines and trippy beats flowing through the album. The short and effective tracks on Elementaer all display a punchy, melodic nature, and the expressive programming gives them each a life of their own. Hangard's pure approach results in bouncy, fun music with a timeless and personal edge. Like its predecessor, Elementaer was recorded between 2009 and 2012 in Hangard's Dogskool studio, mainly as studio live performances on hardware setups. The album was mastered by Robin Harwood (Rolando Simmons, Beatwife) at the Engine Installation in Essex, UK. Canadian artist Tag Andersson made the collage for the cover artwork, and StudioGeist designed the cover. 180 gram vinyl in white poly lined inner sleeve, full color sleeve printed on matte paper, shrink wrapped.