A Thousand Nights Part 3

Gregor Tresher

Record label
Great Stuff Recordings
Catalog Number
GSR 064-3
Release Date
April 30th 2008


A1A Thousand Nightsremix Dubfire
B1A Thousand Nightsremix Gregor Tresher
C1A Thousand Nightsremix Extrawelt
D2A Thousand Nightsremix Patrick Zigon

Finally the last and great part 3 of Gregor Tresher's album EPs. And it's the biggest package you can imagine with mixes of 'A Thousand Nights' from Dubfire, Extrawelt and Patrick Zigon. Plus a new bonus track 'Painkiller' and a huge new remix by Gregor himself of 'Black Rain'. No more words necessary.