4 Various Artists Sampler 01

Etch / Foamplate / Corticyte / TeeFreqs

Record label
Gully Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 12th 2016


A2Smokey JoeFoamplate
B2Trust IssuesTeeFreqs

GULLY RECORDS is a new project from Donga, owner of Well Rounded Records. Once again he found himself in the position of being inspired by the talent of producers reaching out and sending dubs his way and decided another outlet was in order. (Once again this ep is only being released on vinyl in a limited quantity with no digital release planned at this stage). At GULLY the aim is to provide the DJ with some of the darkest DANKest dubs around. These have that shadowy nefarious flava but with plenty of presence on da floor. This ep has united contrasting tracks at a steady bpm range within the mid-120s to the high-130s. ETCH kicks off with some bolshy breakbeat bizniz letting you know whassup FOAMPLATE follows with a deep baby elephant friendly half-step swinger CORTICYTE literally destroys the universe with sick dnb-b-line driven broken techno and TeeFreqs takes us out on a grubby growly grimey monsta. We hope you enjoy this first missive from us... next up we gonna drop an ETCH double vinyl ep that will redefine the potential in multi-tempo rave music (for starters...)