Shadow of the Mind

Virgil Enzinger

Record label
Gynoid Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 4th 2010


A1Shadow of the Mind
A2Shadow of the Mindremix Bas Mooy
B1Shadow of the Mindremix DJ Hi-Shock
B2Shadow of the Mindremix Go Hiyama

Virgil Enzinger - Shadow of the Mind EP (12" vinyl) release on Gynoid Audio is a release of balance. On either side you have absolute gems that either tick the 'Big, crisp' production boxes and/or the 'Gritty, Funky' boxes. No matter what the occasion calls for, what a tool to have. To be in the shadow of Virgil Enzinger's mind, from a production standpoint, is nothing to be ashamed of but these 3 remixes (to accompany the original) all step out of the shadows to share the limelight with Virgil equally. Balance!