Your Go

Love Letters

Record label
Help Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 25th 2015


A1Your Go3:22
B1He Go6:36

New York is awash in emerging young dance producers of different stripes, and, with Your Go, the debut EP from Love Letters, a new name is added to the artists' community who together are revitalizing the long-dormant dance scene. Labels like L.I.E.S. and White Material have reveled in a youthful, raw sound, and Love Letters is no stranger to this, but his background in post punk and ambient music and his deep admiration for disco show through his sound clearly. The brief title track opens, the rolling kicks and submerged bass rebounding off each other and sending reverberations and the space signal bleeping in the distance. Drowned in amplifier hum and circling filter effects, 'Terraform' moves forward into melodic territory somewhere between Satie and Omar-S but keeps its noisy experimental edge intact. 'He Go' is a follow up to the title track, but extended and moving in splayed stance with staggered kicks, ratcheting up the tempo at the midpoint to bring an entirely different feeling and revealing itself as accomplished dub techno pushed onwards by insistent percussion. 'Put' cleans things up marginally but barrels into an off-kilter drum groove that centres itself gradually as it is joined by other voices - pads, deeply funky basslines, industrial atmospheres - developing in distinct sections for the longest, most complex piece on the EP.