Record label
Catalog Number
HERO 008
Release Date
January 15th 2007


A1MiGlenn Wilson
B1ComponentsGlenn Wilson
B2DisconnectGlenn Wilson

When label boss Glenn Wilson released his “Killing Spree” on the last Heroes he made perfectly clean that he is still one of the untouchables when it comes to furious, driving techno. And we are not talking about dirty, distorted drum patterns that will make your ears bleed and nose run – No, these are full on, productions that work their way towards the limits of both high- and especially low frequencies. Basically it’s a as simple as this: Volume 8 shows like no other the superb class of Glenn’s productional skills – His twisted way of pushing those machines to an absolute maximum, creating a sound barrier that will blast you to bits! Yeaaahhhhhhhhhh