Hell's Club EP

DJ Mau Mau

Record label
Holding Hands
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 13th 2019


A1Hell's ClubDJ Mau Mau
A2D+DJ Mau Mau
B2Breakers In Space (DSC Edit)DJ Mau Mau remix DSC

There is something about the groove on DJ Mau Mau s early releases that just gets me and everyone within earshot moving wildly each and every time a track of his gets slammed in the club. His tunes go hard for sure, but the rhythm and vibe seems to be something hits people universally. Hell s Club has been on my want list on Discogs for years and that prohibitive price really left me no choice but to reissue the damn thing. I have played it every single set since I got the new masters back and it is so effective at getting a crowd moving. Tech house at its absolute best.