Business Card EP


Record label
Holding Hands
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 7th 2020


A1Untitled AWalker
B1Untitled BWalker
B2Untitled BWalker remix Desert Sound Colony

I came across this record by chance when I was shopping at my local record shop Palace Vinyl and Chris the owner was packing his bag for a gig that coming weekend. He was listening to bits on the shop sound system and in-between a couple of records in the stack that I was checking out on my headphones I caught little bit of the A-side of this one. I immediately removed the cans and made him put the record on from start to finish. He told me his copy wasn't for sale and when I looked on Discogs, as is often the case I found a few pricey copies and none of them available in England. I knew at that moment I would be attempting to reissue it myself. Fortunately Walker was pretty easy to find and now spends his time in Portugal building an amazing self sustaining echo oasis.