Scribble Mania

Tom Clark & Markus Schatz

Record label
Highgrade Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 1st 2008


A1Track 1
B1Track 2

In our everlasting effort to push the next generations from Berlin's Mininal House Scene, we are very happy to feature a quite new artist for Highgrade no. 46. Marcus Schatz, who already released on Berlins Oposum Records, coproduced these two energetic trax with Highgrads mastermind Tom Clark. Two exceptional minimal house cuts, flirting on 'scribble mania' with a slightly abstract wildpitch feel and on 2 scribble shock giving the Berlin after hour crowd their well deserved accelaration- soundtrack with this minimalistic Hypno House gift! Welcome top the club, Mistah Schatz!