Membrillo's Ride / Rugby

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane

Record label
Hoga Nord Rekords
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 24th 2014


A1Membrillo's Ride

To understand the Psychedelic Shafferson Jetplane we have to take a trip to the late 60s and early 70s in the bands home country - Chile. There and then the growing youth culture expands their minds and their ideals of equality in rhythm with the chaotic cosmic sounds from the, then and now, acclaimed psychrockscene. In october 1970 the festival Piedra Roja, wich has been called Chiles equivalent to Woodstock, takes place. The counterculture and belief in the future are strong. But the end of an era is just around the corner. Three years later Augustus Pinochets fascist regime, with support from CIA, takes control of the country. September 1973 are known as the beginning of the time of silence. Thousands of people were murdered and tortured - among them many artists - during Pinochets 17 years in power. But during the recent years the experimental psychrockscene has begun to roar from the underground it was buried alive in. When the Psychedelic Shafferson Jetplane released their self titled, analogue recorded, debut 2010 it became painfully obvious that the band are among the key-players on that scene. The record sold out faster then Pinochets fascist heart stopped beating after his attack 2006. And that's just one, among many, reasons to why we at Hoga Nord Rekords feel extraordinary proud to release two new psychtunes from TPSJ! A-side takes off with a linear psych-blues vibe until the riffs pleasantly starts to cut and stimulate our eardrums frantically: Membrillo's ride is the sound of ZZ Top on the run on choppers after a drunken shopliftningbender on the wrong side of town. If you study TPSJ:s debut-cover you can't miss that the band not only loves Hugo Chavez but also Spacemen 3. Suitably the B-side share names with the three british space rockers hometown - Rugby. It's time for a revolution boys and girls. And all it takes is five seconds. And, uh, yeah.. we smell burning!