Snake Eyes / Electrodes

Osynlige Man

Record label
Hoga Nord Rekords
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 6th 2015


A1Snake Eyes

"Fixfixfix. Upupup. Hoga Nord notches up that ocdmode again: Fixin' up. Sounding, looking...Sharper! Let's stomp things forward together with this wide-hole 7-inch vinyl single. Behind the alias Osynlige Mann you'll find Timo Lundgren - one of the architects behind Gothenburgs legendary band URAN. This superb ruffneck selection of Osynlige Manns material lurks off with timeless style. A-side Snake Eye takes us on a pleasantly spooky journey: Moody and dark. With a fresh beat and a haunting Carpentervibe. B-side Electrodes.. the title speaks for it self. Nervebending energy. You won't be able to escape the electrodes. A bangin' tune reaching for the highest high. Music for people chasing the climax of the night!"