The Cat Prowls Again / A Strange Servant

Timothy J. Fairplay

Record label
Hoga Nord Rekords
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 29th 2016


A1The Cat Prowls Again
B1A Strange Servant

Hoga Nord Rekords proudly announces our collaboration with one of our favourite UK producers: Timothy J Fairplay. He is perhaps best known for his work with Andrew Weatherall. Originally operating as Weatherall's engineer the pair went on to form The Asphodells. Fairplay is also a DJ and producer with solo records on Bird Scarer, Emotional Response, Astro Lab and more. Together with Scott Fraser he runs the adorable label Crimes of the Future. On this 7inch he delivers a jacking and chugging A-side named The Cat Prowls Again. Sustained (and prowling) freak-outs guaranteed. B-side A Strange Servant is a bit more laid-back. But lovely cold and dark. Slow-motion psychedelic dance music for forward thinking freaks!