Impulse / Inversion


Record label
Hoga Nord Rekords
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 23rd 2016



Gothenburgs most manic drummer Pontus Torstensson (URAN, The Exorcist GBG) has created a one man army. Its name? Tentakel. And ya. It's just simple common sense. The project has already got a rep for the live shows. Now it's finally here in physical form in the shape of 300 seven inches lazed with drums and synthesizers. Rythmn and the dubby blues. Techno, Dub, Kraut - you can hear it all in the dark moods. Cosmic kraut-techno with some ambient' is Pontus own words for it. A-side Impulse sounds like a nightly search of a Italian party in a haunted and swinging mansion. While driving in a porsche nine two eight. B-side Inversion balancing itchy nerves with cosmic atmospheres. Don't sleep cause it will hit hard!