Record label
Hoga Nord Rekords
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 23rd 2016


A1Looney Tubas
A3Erickson Indirect
B3Neo Geo

Lets take a trip to the dirty south of Sweden. Malmo to be more specific. It's time to get down with VED. The band started as a solo-project by Mattias Nihlen taking inspiration from filmmusic, progressive rock, early electronic music and folkmusic. From there VED has developed into a rhythmic machinery. Surf-rock, horror movie soundtracks and found cassettes are some of the ingredients you will hear on their latest LP. Omikron is the name of the record. And yup. Hoga Nord is the label that publishes it. And hopefully will be damned for it. First track Looney Tubas samples sounds from the Looney tunes propaganda cartoon Tokio Jokio from 1943. Angel dusty funk is one way to describe it. Walking on stilts to look bigger is another. That vibe follows through the rest of the album. Title track Omikron contains sounds of neurons being fired in an anesthetizised cat's brain in an experiment conducted by the Swedish neurophysiologist Torsten Wiesel. Univerb combines a slow and nervy bassline with sounds from a police video of a sports car formerly owned by the Swedish king, Carl Gustaf, being chased by police in Malmo. Closing track Neo geo contains a field recording of a man selling Orbit chewing gum in the streets of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. All good. Yeah its spooky. Mhmmm, its loco. Above all its sensual non-verbal communication. That will make you wanna reproduce.. stuff. Strictly Looney tunes!