Ourea I​

Ourea  Sam KDC & Lemna

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 25th 2017


A1Deception At Mekone
B1Adamantine Sickle
B2From Chaos Came Erebus

Ushering in the next series of 10 releases on Horo and an all new look is the introduction of a new Horo artist signing - Lemna, collaborating with an artist who has become integral to the Horo sound - Sam KDC. Together Lemna and Sam KDC are Ourea. Ourea I is an amalgamation of their two very singular approaches to electronic music. Polyrhythmic experimental tribal tinged techno, Ourea I is deceptive in it s percussive shapeshifting, but strongly effective in the hands of the right DJ. Lemna debuts her live set at Berlin Atonal 2017.