Astral Projection [printed sleeve / clear vinyl]


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 21st 2020


A1Motion Resonance
A2Black Vector
B1Gravity Distortion
C2Space Debris
D1Orbiting Satellites
D2Plasma Waves
E1Lunar Decay
E2Kirkwood Gaps
F1Vortex Ring
F2Lost Transmission

**REPRESS** One of the most important artists in the development of the Horo sound, Astral Projection is the first full length ASC album for the Horo label. Astral Projection follows on clearly from "Imagine The Future" with the development of the Grey Area sound progressing and becoming intrinsic to a large majority of ASC's current work. But this LP is not a Grey Area addendum, Astral Projection is a luminous artistic statement from a sonic perfectionist who the term "sound designer" was made to define. An accomplished and much respected ambient producer, ASC weaves his talent for soaring emotive soundscapes with his undeniable rhythmic prowess across a cohesive 12 track sonic voyage that again accomplishes a rare goal in today's electronic music landscape - a commanding listen from beginning to end. Very few artists are as prolific and consistent as ASC, but we are confident Astral Projection will be revered as one of his finest moments in years to come.