Forever Optimum (Black Vinyl) [2 x 12" LP]

Positive Centre

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 30th 2018


A1Hydrostatic Pressure
A3Glass Teeth
B1Exhibit Structures
B2Forever Optimum
B3Ossified Cobat
C1Cold Seeps
C2The Pincer Meeting
C3Sedentary Echo
C4Hatchet Chimera
D1Manganese Scales
D3Conical Photophore

After making his initial mark with a grinding fog of slowed Techno on Sigha's Our Circula Sound label, Michael Jefford aka Positive Centre has traversed the electronic BPM scale with a sonic signature of ghostly synthetics that make the switch between industrial aesthetics and illusory sound-scaping. Within this nucleus, Jefford's recorded history as a Live Performing Artist, DJ and Producer has always reflected what at once can be microscopic, whilst still being the largest object in view. Each track on Forever Optimum sets a different location and perspective on an active set of mechanics - like watching fragments in motion, reacting to different forces. Having previously released for a range of Techno's more adventurous labels including SNTS, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Opal Tapes and not forgetting his own In Silent Series label. Positive Centre's 3rd Album 'Forever Optimum' stands as a beautiful anomaly in the 2018 HORO catalogue. Continuing the point of the HORO label: being open to the beguiling musical arcs that keep us redefining our sound.