Volume 12

Patrick DSP & Dj Pauze / Monocore / Glenn Wilson

Record label
Hardsignal Recordings
Catalog Number
HSR 012
Release Date
March 9th 2009


A1Did I Stu-Stu-Studah Motha FuckaPatrick DSP & Dj Pauze7:02
B1Sudden DropMonocore4:45
B2LinkageGlenn Wilson5:14

Fresh off the release of their debut album, Patrick DSP and Pauze return to the studio and have provided us with another techno stomper. Ball and Hoop starts out with a killer intro which is going to be a sure fire starter for a lot of hard techno sets all over the world. This leads into a pounding percussion beast with a throbbing kick and punishing bass line. Dont miss this one folks! Monocores track starts with a pounding kick and nice crisp hats. The bass line alone is strong enough to shake the foundation of your house, so make sure you provide your audience with a construction hat before they decide to take on these beats! Glenn Wilson has been secretly hiding in his studio producing the powerful techno that he is known for. Glenns furious signature kick and bass joins up with an incredible synth riff that will be dancing in your mind for a long time to come. Make sure you grab this one up quick because its going to be a hot one!