Totem Tube / Deformation

Minor Rain

Record label
Renegade Hardware
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 16th 2015


A1Totem Tube

* Renegade Hardware are proud to present their first release of 2015 - three amazing new tunes from Slovakia s Minor Rain. * After issuing tracks on labels as diverse as Dispatch, Med School and Samurai, the producer comes roaring into the new year with two tracks on wax, plus a bonus digital selection, making up HWARE34. Minor Rain has become known for his deep, sharp and experimental music, with a taste for the different and the unusual. From a background playing piano and saxophone to his adventures with Soundnbeats, Minor Rain is a musician who is always exploring, always expanding his horizons. * And you can feel your horizons expanding with the first of the tunes on HWARE34, Totem Tube, which, from its tribal percussion beginnings, soon morphs out into a stinging, rising thing of beauty. Beats are stripped bare, punching their way straight to the heart. They are surrounded by urgent, working bass runs which are seamlessly incorporated into the track, leaving nothing out and leaving listeners desperate for more. This is deep, strident music which gets better the more you delve into it. * Likewise Deformation, which rises and falls around a more straight up, insistent beat and sparking atmospherics. Minor Rain likes to play around with the tools and elements at his disposal, working and creating something new every time he sits down to make music. This one ll come and find you if you try to run away. * The bonus tune is Resistor, which once again cuts things to the bone, only to create an entire universe through its sound. Switching synths lead into tempered electronics, and the pace slowly builds up to the drop. After this, Minor keeps things minimal, with chasing, skittering beats and sublimated melodies. But concentrate for a second, and you ll appreciate the life which is unearthed under the music. So much is contained in Resistor, you ll want to listen again and again.