Geonosis [Black Vinyl Repress]


Record label
Hypnus Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 12th 2019


A1Endor (Moon)

Supporters of Hypnus004, Tozzy - Geonosis: Antonio de Angelis, Astronomical Telegram, Chris Page, Cio D'Or, Deepbass, Dimi Angelis, Dino Sabatini, Etapp Kyle, Francois X, Gianluca Meloni, Hector Sandoval (Exium), Mattias Fridell, Mod21, Ness, Subsist, Takaaki Itoh, Unam Zetineb, Valentin Corujo (Exium), Adriana Lopez, Claudio PRC, Edit/Select, Iori, Kwartz, Refracted, Rraph, Stefan Vincent, Eric Cloutier, Johanna Knutsson among many others. Cio D'Or [Prologue]: 9/10 "A wonderful release again from Hypnus! My favorite is Midi-Chlorian, it is excellent!" Claudio PRC [Prologue]: 10/10 "Nice project, all the tracks are interesting with good and pleasant atmospheres, thank you so much." Deepbass [Informa Records]: 10/10 Fantastic release from Tozzy, will be dropping them all ;) Dino Sabatini [Outis Music]: 9/10 "Nice tracks, thank you!!!" Edit Select [Prologue]: 8/10 "great work here nice deep vibe -) will chart" Eric Cloutier [Mosaic]: 10/10 ".. fuck me this is god damned genius. absolutely MUST have this on vinyl - please let me know when you have this and i will gladly buy a copy, if not two. so good!!" Exium [PoleGroup]: 8/10 "nice stuff, good label, thanks!" Dimi Angelis [M_Rec Ltd.]: 8/10 "Great pack! love them all, last one is outstanding" Francois X [Dement3d]: 6/10 "Beautiful Ep Deep!" Gianluca Meloni (Modern Heads) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]: 10/10 "hypnotic feeling of space, very nice work" Iori [Prologue]: 9/10 "really great EP! Thanks so much!" Johanna Knutsson [Klasse]: 8/10 "More then beautiful. The soundscape is just amazing, it makes me feel really good just sitting here in my studio listening to it. I'm sure this will work wonder on a dancefloor. Thank you!" Kwartz [PoleGroup]: "The whole EP is amazing, very cool work, will play!" 9/10 Mattias Fridell [Gynoid]: "Really a beautiful piece of record this one, full support" 9/10 Ness [Dynamic Reflection]: "Exactly what i'm looking for. Nice discover, will play most of them. Thanks a lot !" 9/10