Deep Blue

Luigi Tozzi / Deepbass / Claudio Prc

Record label
Hypnus Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 6th 2014


A1BioluminescenceLuigi Tozzi7:08
A2ChemosynthesisLuigi Tozzi6:34
B1BioluminescenceLuigi Tozzi remix Deepbass7:52
B2ChemosynthesisLuigi Tozzi remix Claudio Prc6:19

Supported by Cio D'Or, Deepbass, Etapp Kyle, Mattias Fridell, Ness, Samuli Kemppi, Svreca, Takaaki Itoh, Unam Zetineb, Exium, Alessio Pili, Antonio de Angelis, Artefakt, Edit/Select, Jonas Kopp, Kwartz, Mod21, Reggy van Oers, Juho Kahilainen, Eric Cloutier, Johanna Knutsson, Tom Bonaty, Arnaud le Texier, Brando Lupi, I/Y, Iori, MTD, Nima Khak, Par Grindvik, SNTS, The Noisemaker, VSK, Attemporal, Casual Violence, Rasmus Hedlund, Sleeparchive, Terence Fixmer, Eastern Renaissance, Victor Martinez and many, many more. Cio D'Or [Telrae]: 'The whole release is a dream!' 9/10 Iori [Phonica White]: 'Full suport!!' 10/10 Kwartz [PoleGroup]: 'Beautiful EP as always from Hypnus, you are doing a very very cool work, full support to the project' 10/10 Casual Violence [Unknown Precept]: 'Huge fan of Hydrothermal Vent. Beautiful record. 9/10 Terence Fixmer [CLR]: 'Some nice atmospheres in the EP. interesting vibes.' 9/10 Samuli Kemppi [Ostgut Ton]: 'I really love this release.' 10/10 Juho Kahilainen [Prologue]: 'Incredible release. I'm in love with every track. Big up Luigi Tozzi and Hypnus.' 10/10 Deepbass [Informa Records]: 'Yet again some amazing stuff from Tozzy, so happy to be part of this release, love all originals and of course Claudios beautiful version' 10/10 Ness [Dynamic Reflection]: 'Don't need to say anything on this one! ;)' 10/10 Nima Khak [Suara]: 'Deep and tasty as I have come to expect from the Hypnus posse! Hard to pick a favorite on the first listening but most of it sounds great! Thanks!' 9/10 Victor Matinez / Error Etica [Rising Label]: 'Love this Stuff .. full support' 9/10 Arnaud le Texier [Affin]: 'Really great release with great remixes! Thx' 9/10 Takaaki Itoh [Phobiq]: 'great release! really like sub phonic zone,darren and claudio rmx. im sure to play. full support.' 10/10 Par Grindvik [Stockholm LTD]: 'i can see myself play them all,, sweet one' 10/10 Mod21 [Prologue]: 'Really nice deep stuff by Luigi, as expected; all tracks are nice, thanks : - )' 9/10 Artefakt [Field Records]: 'Tozzi is really a new promise in the scene. Very strong ep and both Claudio as Deepbass delivered an excellent job on remix duties.' 10/10 Eric Cloutier [Mosaic]: 'god damnit, you guys? stop sending me such good music. :-P this one is really, really amazing. at first i was beginning to wonder if the remixes were even necessary, as the originals are so good, but they do add a bit more dancefloor to the otherwise chill originals. that being said, i need this on vinyl. asap. hahaha.' 9/10 Tom Bonaty [Founder of Prologue]: 'Wunderfull release at all. Off course i prefer Claudio's remix :-)' 8/10 Johanna Knutsson [Zodiac 44]: 'For some reason I would like to sit alone in a dark forest with light snow falling on my shoulders whilst listening to this,then I would be the happiest person alive. Wonderful release as usual.' 10/10